SolMarket is making a splash in the renewable energy project finance space. The online project finance platform was recently featured in an NREL article highlighting SolMarket’s ability to connect developers in need of capital with investors seeking investment opportunities. The article mentions how SolMarket and other innovative financing tools reduce transaction costs for solar.

“Finding investors who are comfortable with the technology, off-taker, and other project-related tasks can be a daunting task…Fortunately, new tools enable investors and developers to find each other more quickly and at lower costs…SolMarket facilitates transactions among investors, developers and engineers in the solar community through a streamlined origination and finance process. SolMarket also provides standardized documents, modeling software, an automated financial pro forma, and a mechanism to manage all your contracts and other documents across multiple projects.”

In addition to SolMarket, Sol Systems also recently launched Sol SREC Analytics, an innovative SREC price forecasting tool designed to provide a standardized benchmark for the solar industry when transacting in the SREC space

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About Sol Market

SolMarket is a transaction-driven ecosystem for the solar industry that catalyzes investment in solar energy by transforming how solar projects are financed.  SolMarket provides investors and developers with the tools they need to efficiently originate, evaluate, finance, and construct renewable energy projects.  SolMarket has over $1.9 billion in committed partnership funds seeking qualified solar projects and hundreds of users from the solar community.  SolMarket is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sol Systems, the country’s oldest and largest SREC aggregator.  For more information, please visit