Next Wednesday, May 16 at 1:30 PM EST, Sol Systems will be hosting a webinar on SREC markets and trends.  The webinar, Q1 Market by Market SREC Roundup, will cover this past quarter’s pricing trends in each SREC state, market dynamics, and an overview on any legislative happenings.  For project developers and investors seeking to better understand dynamics in DC, DE, MA, MD, NJ, OH, and PA, this is a great event.  In addition, Sol Systems will also demo our new SREC Analytics tool that can help solar developers and investors create custom price forecasts based on regulation, intra and inter-state trading considerations, and their own market growth assumptions.

As the country’s oldest and largest SREC aggregator with over 3,000 customers, Sol Systems has unique access to data in the SREC space and is working to bring much needed transparency to solar stakeholders.  This will be the first webinar of this kind and moving forward, Sol Systems will hold a similar SREC roundup webinar at the end of each quarter.  This webinar will be hosted by George Ashton, Sol Systems’ CFO and Vice President, and Christine Cauley, Sol Systems Director of Portfolio Management.

Space is limited so we encourage you to sign up early.  Please click here to register.

About SolMarket

SolMarket is a transaction-driven ecosystem for the solar industry that catalyzes investment in solar energy by transforming how solar projects are financed.  SolMarket provides investors and developers with the tools they need to efficiently originate, evaluate, finance, and construct renewable energy projects.  SolMarket has over $1.9 billion in committed partnership funds seeking qualified solar projects and hundreds of users from the solar community.  SolMarket is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sol Systems, the country’s oldest and largest SREC aggregator.  For more information, please visit