In order to make our meter readings process more efficient and clear, Sol Systems recently updated the way customers can report their monthly generation. Customers that are required to submit meter readings still should submit their reading as close to the first of each month as possible. However, customers may now choose between “Meter Reading” and “Monthly Net Generation” each month, instead of locking into one type of entry method the first time they report generation The process for updating monthly generation is as follows:

Login to your Sol Systems owner dashboard
– Click on the upper left hand icon title “Add a Meter Reading”

  • If you have more than one system, select the appropriate system

– Choose between updating your system’s “Meter Reading” or its “Monthly Net Generation”

  • “Meter Reading” is the cumulative output of your system in kilowatt hours, as indicated by your dedicated solar meter or inverter
  • “Monthly Net Generation” is the difference between the meter reading at the end of the current month and the meter reading at the end of the previous month

– Click “Submit” once you enter the correct generation to successfully complete the process
– Alternatively, on the 1st and 10th of each month, if you have not yet provided a meter reading, we will send you a reminder email with a link that takes you directly to where you can enter your meter reading

If you have any further questions regarding meter readings, please e-mail our customer service team at or 888-235-1538 x1.

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