As many Massachusetts solar project owners are aware, Massachusetts solar renewable energy credits (SRECs) get minted on a quarterly cycle. This coming Friday, April 15th, NEPOOL which is the regional SREC trading platform will be minting SRECs produced in Q4 (October-December) of 2010. If you do not yet have a solution for monetizing your SRECs, Sol Systems can help. Given that 2010 SRECs expire by June 15th, it is important that you assess your options and lock in a solution soon as any credits you do not sell by June 15th will be lost.

Sol Systems has the following options currently available for Massachusetts project owners:

1. Sol Brokerage – Sol Systems, for a limited time, is brokering Massachusetts SRECs for free for all projects over 20 kW. This is a unique offer that allows you to retain the full clearing price for your SRECs. Interested customers should contact Sol Systems for full details as this offer will expire soon. For systems under 20 kW, Sol Systems retains a low brokerage fee of 5%.

2. Sol Annuity – For solar project owners that do not like the risk of a short term solution, Sol Systems can help lock in a price for a 3 year term. This product removes the uncertainty associated with the spot market and provides a stable income stream. One of the unique features of Sol Systems’ Sol Annuity offer is that we work very hard to back up all of our long term customer contracts with long term utility contracts. This ensures we will be able to pay you the SREC rate even when spot market prices fall. Many other companies sell multi-year SREC contracts without any counterparty agreements.

3. Sol Upfront For customers that want more money upfront, Sol Systems can pre-pay for a 10 year strip of SRECs. This is a great option for customers that need additional financing upfront or do not want to deal with potential changes in the SREC program.

Sol Systems is a solar energy finance and development firm that was built on the principle that solar energy should be an economically viable energy solution. With thousands of customers and hundreds of partners throughout the United States, Sol Systems is the largest and oldest SREC aggregator. We provide homeowners, businesses, solar installers, and developers with sophisticated financing solutions that help make solar energy more affordable. Sol Systems also helps energy suppliers and utilities manage and meet their solar RPS requirements efficiently by providing them with access to diverse portfolios of SRECs. For more information, please visit www.solsystemscompany.com.