Sol Systems Chief Executive Officer, Yuri Horwitz, will be a panelist in Earth Shot Foundation’s conference regarding solar best practices in the Mid-Atlantic today.  The conference is part of Earth Shot’s Terranaut Almanac Series, a gathering each month in Washington DC, Boston, and San Francisco to explore issues revolving around energy, economy, and environment.  Government, non-profit, and industry leaders from California, New Jersey, Washington DC, Maryland and other states will be participating in the roundtable.

This event assembles industry and policy leaders from the region, and nationally, to discuss the future of commercial and residential solar at the state, regional and national levels.  Participants will discuss and debate best practice for RPS goals and solar carve-outs (commercial/residential), net-metering and interconnection, state policy/funding impact, project finance and net levelized costs of energy, policy successes (and challenges), and a strategic roadmaps for the region.

Mr. Horwitz will be focusing on Sol Systems’ experience helping to develop, implement and work within the framework of state RPS legislation, as well as his experience and knowledge of some of the more significant issues facing the 200+ Sol Systems’ Partners in the solar space.