Sol Systems has made the important decision to completely offset its full carbon imprint as an operating company, as well as that of each of its employees.  Sol Systems will purchase renewable energy credits to offset all of the energy utilized by the company as whole, and each of its employees and their families.

“As an important participant in the renewable energy market we must lead with our values.  These values include minimizing our impact on the environment and investing in our community.  Sol Systems makes every effort to help our employees and other strategic partners to invest similarly, and is investing in our employees who have invested so much in us,” said Yuri Horwitz, CEO of Sol Systems.

Sol Systems will purchase renewable energy credits (RECs) annually equal to the estimated amount of energy, measured in megawatt hours, that the company and each of its employees uses throughout the year.  By purchasing these RECs, Sol Systems effectively subsidizes the development of renewable energy resources as a critical tool to offsetting our traditional energy resources and reducing our pollution.

Sol Systems is a Washington D.C. based solar energy finance firm that operates throughout Mid-Atlantic, Mid-West and Northeast.  We are a leader in developing and implementing SREC markets and are the oldest and largest SREC aggregator in the nation.  With over 600 customers across twelve states and the District of Columbia, Sol Systems has become an important player in financing residential and commercial solar energy systems.