Sol Systems has begun working to lower the cost of solar for homeowners and businesses across Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan. Sol Systems is partnering with solar installers and developers across these three states to ensure that the solar systems they develop are registered to produce solar renewable energy credits (SRECs). Our services provide a risk-free income stream that helps homeowners and businesses maximize the benefits of owning solar energy systems and lower the cost of investing in solar.

“We are delighted to have begun operating in Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan,” said Sol Systems founder and CEO Yuri Horwitz. “Thanks in part to state and Federal incentives, owning solar systems is becoming financially viable for more and more people. While SRECs have historically been hard to take advantage of in these three states, we are now helping solar system owners in Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan realize the value of these credits. Our vision is straight-forward: we provide SREC revenue to ensure solar is less expensive and more available. It’s a strategy we’ve implemented in other states, it has proven highly successful, and we expect the same to be true for Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan.”

Installers, homeowners, and businesses located in Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan that are interested in working with Sol Systems are urged to contact the company at