Ganesh Sreeram

Analyst, Risk and Operations

Ganesh is a risk and trading operations analyst at Sol. His primary role is to assist the commodities trading desk by identifying, analyzing and monitoring risk factors associated with Sol’s portfolio. Along with that he is also responsible for monitoring open positions and generating daily reports.

Before joining Sol, Mr. Sreeram was working as an Investment Accounting Consultant at SEI Archway, where he was responsible for creating and implementing innovative technological solutions that increased operational efficiency and functionality in investment analysis and reporting. More recently, he was researching modern return predictors in commodity futures at the University of Southern California, where he developed a continuous pricing data structure of 27 different commodities, used to derive information regarding the slope, curvature and risk structure of futures contracts.

Mr. Sreeram received his Bachelor of Science in Finance, Economics and Management from Purdue University and Master of Science in Finance from University of Southern California.