Bridget Callahan

Associate Project Development Manager

Bridget Callahan works as Sol Customer Solutions’ associate project development manager. Previously, she led Sol Systems’ SREC operations team, where she managed accounts for Sol’s 12,000+ network of solar energy system owners. She also handles inquiries for Sol Systems’ network of 250+ residential installers. In addition, she manages customer meter readings and production monitoring for SREC minting with PJM-GATS and NEPOOL. Ms. Callahan also conducts policy research and analysis, and interacts with the various public utilities commissions to guide customers through the path toward SREC certification.

Prior to joining Sol Systems, Ms. Callahan worked with the State of Michigan, as well as with several environmental non-profit organizations, including Green America.

She holds a Bachelor in Arts in Public Policy from the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan, with a concentration in environmental policy.