Andrew Williams

Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs, Energy Infrastructure and Markets

Andrew Williams leads Sol’s growing policy team as it creates and shapes renewable energy markets throughout the United States.

Andrew joins Sol Systems from the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) were he served as Director of Regulatory and Legislative Affairs, U.S. climate and energy.  While at EDF, he helped shape EDF’s state-level domestic advocacy strategy.

Before joining EDF, Andrew served as Vice President and General Counsel for Hickory Creek Ventures, LLC, a strategic consulting business focused on the nexus between renewable resources, legislative reform, and technology innovation.  Immediately preceding Hickory Creek, Andrew was an Operational Officer and Vice President for Atlas Pipeline Mid-Continent in Tulsa Oklahoma.  Andrew held previous responsibilities as the Director of Commercial Services for Atlas and the Manager of Environment Health and Safety for Spectrum Field Services.

In addition, Andrew was appointed to the advisory board of SAFER PA and is an immediate past member of Virginia Governor Northam’s Natural Gas Workgroup.  Previously Andrew served a two-year term on the advisory council for the Oklahoma Commission on Marginally Producing Oil and Gas Wells.  Andrew is a past board member of the Natural Gas and Energy Association of Oklahoma, served on the Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee for the Gas Processors Association, and was a PetroPro with the Oklahoma Energy Resources Board.

Andrew received his B.S. in Agriculture and Natural Resources from Oklahoma State University and his J.D. from Oklahoma City University School of Law.