Andrew Gilligan

Vice President, Sol International

Andrew Gilligan serves as the Vice President of Sol International. Previously, Mr. Gilligan led the Sol Systems’ investment team, working with financial institutions and strategic investors to acquire and own solar projects. Mr. Gilligan has been with Sol Systems for eight years and has led the development and / or acquisition of over $500 Million of distributed solar projects during this time.

Mr. Gilligan is currently an adjunct professor at Georgetown University, teaching a course on the Energy Industry, and in 2018 Mr. Gilligan was named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 List for the Energy Industry. Mr. Gilligan has also guest lectured on project finance at Johns Hopkins University, Yale University, and the Clean Energy Leadership Institute.

Prior to Sol Systems, Mr. Gilligan completed his education at Georgetown University, where he helped launch Georgetown Energy, a solar energy consulting group. Mr. Gilligan holds a B.S. in Science, Technology, and International Affairs, specializing in Energy studies, a certificate in International Business Diplomacy, and he graduated magna cum laude.