The Sol Team

Every member of the Sol team is at the company due to his or her deep expertise, drive to deliver, and authenticity.

Our team is made up of leading experts in the solar industry across all critical disciplines including financiers, engineers, lawyers, project managers, asset managers, energy markets analysts, and policy analysts.

Get to know our team members through their bios below. And, be sure to connect with us at industry events and on LinkedIn.


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Yuri Horwitz

Chief Executive Officer
Yuri Horwitz, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sol Systems, oversees strategic growth and performance as well as investment strategy…
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George Ashton

George Ashton, co-founder and President of Sol Systems, oversees corporate strategy, financial management, and client success for Sol Systems’ Development…
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Team Members

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Anjali Bains

Associate, Utility Origination
Anjali Bains works on the project finance team analyzing investment opportunities to match investor capital with commercial and utility scale…
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Rich Baltimore

Project Manager
Rich is a member of the engineering and delivery team.  He works directly with Sol’s EPC contractor partners, and represents…
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Liz Barentzen

Chief Culture Officer
Liz Barentzen brings extensive experience overseeing human resources activities. As the Chief Culture Officer, she fosters alignment between Sol’s high-performance…
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Kate Brandus

Customer Accounts & Operations Specialist
Kate Brandus works at Sol Systems on the SREC operations team, where she is responsible for handling inquiries for Sol Systems’ 4,000+…
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Bridget Callahan

SREC Operations Manager
Bridget Callahan works at Sol Systems on the SREC operations team, where she manages accounts for Sol Systems’ 4,000+ network of solar…
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Jason Cimpl

Senior Director, Trading
Jason Cimpl manages Sol Systems’ SREC portfolio of 11,000+ solar assets, creates and analyzes the company’s SREC research models, forecasts SREC supply…
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Mark Cooper

Director of Development Engineering
Mark Cooper oversees engineering operations and quality control for Sol Systems at all stages of the project development and execution.…
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Austin deButts

Analyst, Customer Energy Services
Austin deButts works as a member of the Customer Energy Services team, analyzing opportunities for corporate customers to procure offsite…
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Dan Diamond

Director, Delivery
Dan Diamond works in the engineering department, where he leads the delivery team on negotiating, executing, and managing the PV…
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Austin Ditz

Project Manager
Austin Ditz is a Project Manager on the Project Delivery Team. Prior to joining Sol Systems, Mr. Ditz was a Senior Analyst with The…
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Brent Feldman

Junior Analyst, Trading
Brent Feldman supports the SREC Trading Desk through fundamental market research and technical analysis. Mr. Feldman first joined Sol Systems…
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Michael Gibson

Chief Technology Officer
Michael Gibson oversees all aspects of Sol Systems’ IT efforts, from network infrastructure to application development to strategic planning. Mr.…
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Andrew Gilligan

Senior Director, Investments
Andrew Gilligan leads Sol Systems’ solar project acquisition and funding efforts, working with financial institutions and long term asset owners…
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Joshua Goldman

Analyst, Asset Management
Joshua Goldman is an analyst as part of the asset management team, where he reports financial and technical data on…
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William Graves

Project Development Manager, Customer Energy Services
William Graves leads Sol Systems’ origination effort on the East Coast. Focusing on projects between 1 MW and 10 MW…
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Tom Griffin

Junior Project Engineer
Tom Griffin provides technical diligence support to Sol Systems’ Project Finance team, providing project specific assessments and reviews, engaging developers…
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Andrew Grin

Associate, Investments
Andrew Grin conducts financial analysis and supports solar project financing by coordinating late-stage development, due diligence, negotiation, and financial closing.…
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Bartley Higgins

Portfolio Manager, Asset Management
Bartley Higgins is a Portfolio Manager with the Asset Management Department, where he helps to manage a large and diverse…
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Chip Hoagland

Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer
Chip Hoagland is Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer at Sol Systems, partnering with the executive team to support the company’s…
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Leslie Hodge

Deputy General Counsel
Leslie Hodge is the Deputy General Counsel at Sol Systems, where she serves as chief legal counsel for the Project…
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Christian Hofer

Senior Analyst, Trading
Christian Hofer supports Sol Systems’ SREC team and portfolio trading through fundamental market research and policy analysis. Mr. Hofer joined…
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Paul Jeschke

Senior Accountant
Paul Jeschke is a Senior Accountant at Sol Systems, where he works with corporate accounting processes and procedures. Paul handles…
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Corinne Kacou

Corinne Kacou manages accounting and project management records for Sol Systems. She also coordinates corporate event planning, office management and…
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Grace Kankindi

Associate, Structured Finance
Grace Kankindi works on the Structured Finance team, supporting tax equity and structured finance transactions. She performs due diligence, underwriting,…
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Grant Klein

Junior Renewables Analyst
Grant Klein supports Sol Systems’ SREC team through market research and policy analysis. Prior to joining Sol Systems, Mr. Klein…
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Thomas Larson

Senior Associate, Investments
Thomas Larson works with the Sol Systems Investments team to coordinate closing transactions for long term acquisitions of solar assets.…
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Taylor Leyden

Project Development Manager, Customer Energy Services
Taylor Leyden works on the Customer Energy Services team positioning private and public sector clients to meet their sustainability and…
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James Machulak

Director, Asset Management
James Machulak is the Director of the Asset Management Department, where he oversees efforts to proactively manage risks associated with…
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Sandhya Mahadevan

Sales Analyst
Sandhya Mahadevan serves as a sales analyst on Sol Systems’ Customer Energy Services team. Ms. Mahadevan helps private and public…
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Kevin Mayer

Project Engineer
Kevin Mayer works on the engineering team providing technical due diligence to solar project acquisitions and investments, as well as supporting the…
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Lauren Miller

SREC Customer Operations Associate
Lauren works on the SREC operations team, where she is responsible for handling inquiries for Sol Systems’ 4,000+ network of…
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Colin Murchie

Senior Director, Customer Energy Services
Colin Murchie helps corporate and institutional customers navigate the wholesale markets to obtain utility-scale solar resources. Additionally, he lends his…
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Anna Noucas

Project Development Manager, Customer Energy Services
Anna Noucas leads Sol Systems’ origination efforts on the West Coast, where she works to source, diligence and acquire commercial…
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Charles O’Neill

Associate, Asset Management
Charles O’Neill works on the asset management team, where he performs reporting on the past performance of the executed tax…
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Rebecca Oren

Accounting Manager
Rebecca Oren is a Senior Accountant at Sol Systems, where she is involved in all aspects of accounting, including both…
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Georgina Owino-Trice

Associate Counsel
Georgina Owino-Trice is Associate Counsel at Sol Systems, where she lends legal support to Sol Systems’ solar project finance team during…
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Will Patterson

Marketing Analyst
Will Patterson manages website content, long-form content and execution of marketing strategy for Sol Systems. Mr. Patterson supports the creation of Sol’s…
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Edward Pendergast

Software Developer
Edward Pendergast works on development and operational support for Sol Systems’ web-based applications. Mr Pendergast came to Sol Systems with 3 years of experience…
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Saritha Peruri

Director, Customer Energy Services
Saritha Peruri leads Sol Systems’ onsite project development team and engages directly with host clients to provide compelling solar solutions.…
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Eugene Rhee

Performance Engineer
Eugene Rhee supports Sol Systems’ Structured Finance and Asset Management teams as an engineering resource. His main responsibilities include performance…
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Jessica Robbins

Director, Structured Finance
Jessie Robbins manages origination and execution of tax equity and other structured transactions at Sol Systems. She works to source,…
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Marc Rubcich

Senior Director, Customer Energy Services
Marc Rubcich serves as a senior director on Sol Systems’ Customer Energy Services team.  In this role, he manages a…
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Charity Sack

Senior Director, Marketing & Communications
Charity Sack oversees brand management, integrated marketing initiatives, and media relations. Prior to joining Sol Systems in July 2014, Ms.…
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Avery Sellers

SREC Operations Associate
Avery works on the SREC operations team, where he is responsible for handling registrations and inquiries for Sol Systems’ network…
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Dan Smith

Associate, CES
Dan Smith is an associate on the Customer Energy Services team, where he focuses on managing the RFP response process.…
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Joe Song

Senior Director, Investment Analysis
Joe Song serves as Head of Engineering & Project Delivery for Sol Systems, leading the diligence and development of assets…
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Eric Stam

Senior Associate, Trading
Eric Stam works on the Sol Systems’ SREC Team, developing portfolio strategy, managing trading operations, and enhancing business relationships with installers, developers,…
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James Stevens

System Administrator
James Stevens provides IT service support for Sol Systems’ staff, offices, and infrastructure. Mr. Stevens joined Sol Systems with over…
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Sintia Torres

Project Manager
Sintia Torres works on the engineering team, where she manages relationships with EPC partners and developers to ensure timely deliverables…
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Michael Woods

General Counsel
Michael is a highly experienced energy transactions attorney, and brings substantial knowledge and expertise in transactional, commercial, project development, and…
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Gabriel Wuebben

Director, Structured Finance
Gabe Wuebben manages tax structured projects for Sol Systems’ corporate and institutional clients. Mr. Wuebben supports origination and business development…
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Dan Yonkin

VP of Finance
Dan Yonkin leads fund management for corporate and institutional clients with Sol Systems. Under his leadership, Sol Systems has managed…
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Olga Zelenova

Controller, CPA
At Sol Systems, Olga Zelenova oversees all critical accounting functions including financial reporting, consolidation, taxes, budgeting, internal controls, accounting policies, and…
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