About Sol Systems

Sol Systems works together with customers and partners to ensure a better, more just energy transition.

Industry-Wide Expertise and Solutions

Sol Systems is a leading, national solar energy firm with an established reputation for integrity and reliability across its distinct and complementary businesses


We work with developers to finance and develop renewable energy projects across the United States

Clean Energy

We provide onsite, offsite, and storage solutions to commercial, industrial, institutional, and municipal customers

Environmental Commodity

We help homeowners, installers, developers, and asset owners monetize and manage SRECs, LFCS credits, and other environmental commodities

The Sol Systems Team

Sol is composed of renewable industry leaders that work across all aspects of the industry; engineers, environmental commodity managers, investment specialists, construction managers, accountants, asset managers, and others


Our Experience

Sol Systems is operating or developing more than 2 GW of projects, providing energy offtake, structured investment services, co-development, and REC management. Learn more about our completed projects and how we help our customers.

The Sol Story

Sol Systems started in 2008 with two dear friends sitting around a dining room table with a commitment to creating a more sustainable, fair, and just future. The company has grown into an industry leader with more than 140+ employees committed to delivering results and positive change to our customers and their communities