America has traditionally been seen as lagging behind in the renewable energy race.  European and Asian markets have consistently outstripped the US when it comes to alternative energy.  Western Europe has had stricter regulation towards efficiency standards and renewable resources than the US for years, and China is proving to be a solar powerhouse, seeing huge growth in the manufacturing of solar modules.

Nevertheless, American companies have begun to step up their game when it comes to solar modules. Electronic giant GE recently announced that they
would be throwing their hat into the solar ring by opening a new solar manufacturing facility in Aurora, Colorado.  This new plant will be used to design and build new cadmium telluride thin-film solar panels for primarily large-scale commercial use.  GE expects that the panels should meet or exceed the capabilities of comparable Chinese models, and sales are expected to begin in 2013.

Additionally, US solar manufactures have recently banded together to prevent Chinese solar panels from flooding the American market.  The coalition, comprised of seven American solar manufacturers, is working to impose stiff duties on Chinese modules, which they claim will undercut prices and destroy American jobs.  Led by the US arm of Solarworld AG, a German solar manufacturer, these companies are sending a stiff message to overseas corporations.  The Chinese, have advised the US government not to “politicize” what they consider to be economic issues. With the US posed to become the largest consumer of solar in the next few years, disputes and expansion in the solar industry will become more and more common.

As always, Sol Systems is excited about the future of the solar industry, and looks forward to seeing how industry will respond to these new updates.