Sol Systems employee Dan Yonkin was featured in a recent article published by Energy Risk Magazine on the future of renewable energy finance. The article analyzes how the fallout from Solyndra’s bankruptcy may affect access to financing for the solar energy sector, noting that solar growth in 2011 is still on pace to meet growth targets through Q4 2011. And, due to innovative new financing mechanisms such as SolMarket the solar space will adapt as conditions continue to evolve.

Dan Yonkin, director of regulatory affairs at solar finance firm Sol Systems, certainly agrees. In fact, his company has developed SolMarket, a platform designed to connect solar project developers with interested investors in the US and Canada. SolMarket has roughly 180  project developers on board and expects to launch to investors with $400 million committed to the platform on October 1, 2011. “We have several tax equity investors that are looking to make more aggressive plays into the market,”  he says.

How do you think that Solyndra will affect financing for the solar sector?