Sol Systems sponsored a fundraiser in Washington DC this evening for the Rebuild Sudan Foundation, a small non-profit dedicated to developing and constructing schools for children in southern Sudan as well as other critical infrastructure. Rebuild‘s founder, Michael Kuany spoke to a group of young professional’s about his vision for the future of Sudan, and the journey that has helped shape and drive his passion.

As Michael noted this evening, “Education is family for so many. With education people do not need to fight wars.”

Rebuild Sudan is currently working on a multipurpose school in Jalle Payam. Construction is slated to begin in November 2010. “We had many motivations and principles in mind during the development of this project. First and foremost was to build a safe place for the children of Jalle, especially girls and orphans, to receive a primary education,” said Michael. The school will include a public library, a computer center and meeting/performance space and the building is designed to be environmentally friendly, with walls constructed of stabilized earthen plaster using soil excavated for the latrines.

Michael Kuany is one of the Lost Boys of Sudan, more than 27,000 boys of the Dinka ethnic group who were displaced and/or orphaned during the Second Sudanese Civil War (1983-2005). Approximately 2 million people were killed during this war; 4 million people lost their homes and became refugees. Most of the boys were orphaned or separated from their families when government troops from the north systematically attacked villages in southern Sudan, killing many of the inhabitants, most of whom were civilians.

“Michael has walked a long path and his journey has not been easy. It is clear that his life is guided by his principals and his passion to bring good back to his country and build a future for children through education. This is exactly the type of organization that Sol Systems is proud to sponsor,” noted Yuri Horwitz, CEO and President of Sol Systems.

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