How to Go Solar

Onsite  -  Offsite  -  PPA  -  REC  -  Lease  -  Own

Each organization must determine the optimal mix of size, location, financial structure, and ownership. The most efficient and effective way to work through the analysis, decisions, and action plan is to work with trusted experts. Sol Systems partners with its energy customers to analyze and construct a customized solar package. 

Just a few of the questions that determine how best for an organization to go solar are:

  • Do you own a building or land suitable for an onsite array?
  • Are you in a state that allows third-party ownership?
  • Are local rebates and incentives available?
  • Do you have cash on hand?
  • Can you monetize tax credits?
  • Are you investment grade or non-investment grade?
  • Do you have other investment opportunities or needs?

Get Started

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