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How Solar Pays Off

Add Immediate and Long-term Value with Solar


Organizations can save on energy costs on day one with zero capital outlay through a power purchase agreement (PPA). Or, if an organization determines asset ownership offers more value, owning a solar system can offer 8-12% returns, and a 100% payback on investment in 6-8 years. Financial benefits to explore include:

  • Cheaper Electricity
  • Stable Electricity Pricing
  • Tax Credits
  • Accelerated Depreciation
  • Rebates
  • Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) — depending on state



  • Achieve Corporate Sustainability Goals
  • Offset Carbon Emissions


Brand Equity

  • Customer acquisition and retention
  • Reputation for making a difference
  • Environmental leadership

How to Go Solar

Each organization must determine the optimal mix of size, location, financial structure, and ownership. The most efficient and effective way to work through the analysis, decisions, and action plan is to work with trusted experts. Sol Systems partners with its energy customers to analyze and construct a customized solar package.

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Marc Rubcich

Senior Director, Customer Energy Services
Marc Rubcich serves as a senior director on Sol Systems’ Customer Energy Services team.  In this role, he manages a…
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Colin Murchie

Senior Director, Customer Energy Services
Colin Murchie helps corporate and institutional customers navigate the wholesale markets to obtain utility-scale solar resources. Additionally, he lends his…
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