Invest In Solar

Asset Management

Sol Systems’ asset management services began with our inception in 2008 when the firm started providing SREC monetization services to hundreds of solar installer partners. As the company grew its tax equity and project finance services, our asset management role has matured to provide investors with required third-party support to manage and monitor their assets, and ensure that financial and operational performance meet expectations. Today our core asset management work comprises the following:

Financial Reporting, Management and Analysis

Sol Systems is dedicated to ensuring investor clients achieve investment expectations over the lifetime of the investment. The asset management team continuously analyzes project performance and provides regular updates to its clients.

Additionally, we manage financial responsibilities including solar project invoicing and payment, Schedule K-1 issuance, and investor distributions.

O&M Management

Sol Systems acts as a liaison between the O&M provider and the investors, serving as the primary point of contact for decisions requiring investor consent, issue resolution, and troubleshooting service quality and performance issues. Sol’s O&M supervision includes consistent remote monitoring and immediate follow-up with the O&M team as issues are identified. Sol works to ensure that the O&M provider fulfills its service contractual obligations to minimize downtime.

Supervision of EPC Contractor

Sol works directly with the EPC to continuously track performance milestones utilizing our in-house engineering and delivery team, as well as resources on the ground in the major markets where our assets are located.

Sol Systems has substantial experience supervising EPC performance for the construction of solar assets and holds contractors to the highest standard. For the enforcement of warranty claims, changes to the scope of work, and other actions requiring legal input, Sol is also able to leverage the support of in-house counsel as well as outside legal expertise.

Risk Mitigation

Sol’s asset management team continuously monitors solar assets and take actions to mitigate or eliminate risks. The team also provides comprehensive risk and performance reporting to clients on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.

Regulatory Compliance

It is essential that projects and the company comply with any and all regulations, reporting obligations, and notice provisions to ensure they remain in good standing with jurisdictions and avoid costly service interruptions. The asset management team works to identify and record major compliance items required. Covenant compliance is monitored through an electronic monitoring system retained at the fund level.