Development Capital

At Sol Systems, we believe in fostering long-term relationships with our regional developer partners as opposed to transacting one-off deals. These relationships lead to quicker and more efficient deals that keep transactions costs low. 

The Opportunity

Many regional developers often face trouble when bidding against large national developers for portfolios and large-scale projects. Although these national developers bring strong capital to the table, they often lack the local connections that regional developers possess, and will contract work which leads to expensive transaction costs and more time-consuming processes.

To help give regional developers a leg up on the competition, we provide development capital to help our regional partners bolster their balance sheets when competing for projects and bring these efficient, locally-developed projects to the finish line. 

Preferred investment criteria includes:

  • 10MW in size or more
  • That can reach substantial completion in the next 9-12 months
  • Subject to minimal SREC risk
  • That have or will have offtake
  • With a clear, realistic development path to NTP

If you're interested in development capital for your projects, please send an e-mail to You can send us your projects by filling out our project intake form.