JP Morgan Chase, New York City

Jessie Robbins, Director of Structured Finance will speak on June 2nd at 11:40 a.m.

Tax Equity Update
Congress and Trump administration are working on overhauling the US tax code. This presents challenges for anyone trying to do tax equity this year, but may also give both developers and tax equity investors an incentive to accelerate as many deals as possible into 2017. How is tax reform playing out in deals? How is it affecting the cost of tax equity? What other new issues are coming up in transactions?


Andrew Gilligan, Senior Director Investments will speak on June 1 at 10:35

Opening the Small C&I Sector: Platforms to Underwrite, Insure and Pool Unrated Credits
Private equity can be a smart source of capital for solar owners, developers, EPCs, and equipment companies. The experts will discuss the types of investment they currently find attractive across the solar value chain as well as future trends.