Rebecca Tilbrook

Director, Technical Advisory

Rebecca Tilbrook is the Director of Technical Advisory at Sol Systems, providing technical due diligence, design optimization and technical advice to solar project investors, and supporting projects throughout construction and operations.

Ms. Tilbrook joins Sol Systems with over 13 years of professional experience in the solar industry. Her exposure to solar power spans utility-scale developments (5 – 250 MW) to remote island power stations, concentrated dish photovoltaics to small rooftop & building integrated systems, and everything in between.

Prior to joining Sol Systems, Ms. Tilbrook was the Team Lead for Solar Services at engineering consulting firm, AWS Truepower. Previously, she held positions with utilities and government agencies throughout Australia and Asia, including CLP Holdings, Hydro Tasmania, and Northern Territory Power and Water.
Ms. Tilbrook holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Murdoch University (Australia), specializing in renewable energy.